Meet the Bogey Bag

Golfers can now enjoy the ultimate stress reliever with our redesigned and repurposed speed punching bag. This innovative accessory easily attaches to any golf cart, allowing players to release their frustration in a fun and healthy way, without the worry of damaging expensive equipment or risking injuries.

With the Bogey Bag, golfers can say goodbye to costly equipment replacements and painful injuries, and hello to a more enjoyable golfing experience.

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What's in the box?

You will find four components in your Bogey Bag box:

  1. Bogey Bag Max Speed Bag
  2. Upgraded Bogey Bag Max Rod & Clamp (Hard-Anodized 7075-T651)
  3. Upgraded Bogey Bag Max Additive Sleeve (High-Temperature, 3D-Printed Polymer) (Assembled onto clamp)
  4. Updated Black High-tension spring
  5. Red Polymer Air pump with Needle Ball Inflating Tip
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Legacy Bogey Bags are still available through the link below while supplies last:

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